Friday, December 7, 2012


One Million Moms are mad at Ellen and the new JCP ad. I think it's cute. WTF!? I read why they are mad, but still cannot figure out why they are mad.

I must be mad.

Cute JCP ad with Ellen and friends


  1. Seriously, what is their problem? It's not like she's making sweet love to a lady elf in the ad! That's Ellen's private business. Do they realize what other celebrities do in private? They might not realize how much they have to be mad about if they can't mind their own business.

  2. It's a GREAT ad and I'm glad JCP is hanging tough.

  3. I had to look these darling ladies up. Evidently, they are mad at Ellen for being Gay AND on TV where people can see her being gay. Well, sorta... They can't see her being Gay but, they can imagine!

    I bet there's nowhere near a million of these moms. False advertising. I might protest them. A Million Ferrerman March Against False Moms With Bad Attitudes...


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