Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gotta Start Somewhere

One, two, three, four.
Try to keep in tune with score.
C, D, G, C.
It's just so simple, you must agree.
Pound, pound, clank, clink.
Gahd kid, you sure do stink.
Can't take no more, no more of this.
Another bloody cacophony, sans bliss.
Pedal, pedal, to the mettle,
sounds worse than my shrieking tea kettle.
No more, no more, of this I sigh,
just poke me, Ludwig, right in the eye.
*For the Mag


  1. Listening to them practice instruments can be nerve-racking... especially when you live in a small house like I do.

  2. Thanks, Jinksy.

    Aah, but it must be a joy when they finally do get it, Laurie. : )

  3. Yes, Ludwig gets blamed for a lot. :-)

  4. Yeah I remember feeling this way!

  5. The key is progress - this stage is supposed to be short-lived. I REALLY enjoyed this.

  6. I give it a '10' ... love the beat!!!

  7. Nice rhythm...this one's crying for some music...

  8. Extremely funny..thank goodness! practice, practice!

  9. Thanks, all. It reminded me of my short time with Sister Anecdotage, who must have been 104 at the time. I was terrible. I wish she had poked herself in the eye, though.


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