Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Riddance

$6.50 an hour!!!??? That's how much it will cost people to park in the Windy City. I always liked the former mayor, Daley, but, boy did he screw up this parking meter issue. I guess he... I'm not sure what he was thinking when he handed over the parking meter responsibility to a private company, TheivesRUs. Other city meters hover around the $1 to $2 range. This is highway robbery!

I went by the lake, yesterday, to look at the big waves. Just me and the sea gulls. Damn, it was cold. I like to look for interesting rocks and stuff. I've accumulated quite a bit of crap. An ancient hollowed out golf ball, some rusty anchor screw, a few shells, and a piece of wood.

I really think I'd be a hoarder, if I had room. I'm a collector of crap. but I do throw stuff out, eventually. My spawn cannot stand my lovely clutter. She has to have an empty counter and few treasures.

I really think they switched my kid at birth. We have little in common, from books, to fashion, to food, to men... Oh, to baby names. Ugh. Don't tell her I said so (she doesn't read my blog) but her last baby name reminded me of a cow. Thankfully, she doesn't like that name anymore, but still insists on some weird name. We shall see.. No matter. I will love the little baby spawn, anyway.

Kind of funny. Well, sort of. I've recently moved and had help. If you call losing three containers of fragile antiques and crap, down a flight of stairs, help... well, it's just stuff. Except for my piggy bank. My poor little piggy bank my grandmother gave me when I was ten. The one thing I managed to hang on to all these years, move after move.

 Oh, the funny part. The day the piggy crashed, was on the same day my Grandma died, many moons ago. Kind of weird, says I. Maybe she is telling me something.

Or maybe, I just have a klutzy friend. Ah well.

Party! Party! I've learned long ago to stay inside whilst New Year's revelers take over. One tradition I miss, is cheering the New Year with Dad and herring. He liked that pickled herring (I did, too) My parents had strange food tastes, come to think of it. He loved liverwurst sandwiches. Both Mom and Dad ate steak tartar, sardines, pickled pig's feet (Garoooossss) liver and onions.... Could be why I'm a vegetarian these days. Blech. I'm sure they would gag over hummus rolls and soy burgers... which reminds me... Dad always blasted McDonald's when we were kids. It wasn't until after he retired that he found the Holy McRib. I really think he was too cheap to share with his kiddie winkles. He sure got hooked on Big Macs.

Ah well, another trip down memory lane.

Let us keep old memories. Make new memories, and think positive.

If I don't see ya before the end of 2012, have a good day, a good evening, and a wonderful new year.

I'm kicking this year to the curb. Bam! Bonk! Boom!


  1. sorry about the parking charge!...isn't the sea great when it's just you and the gulls?...gerry

  2. I love it! It always surprises me though, when I don't see other people enjoying the brisky weather.

  3. When government hands things over to private enterprise to run the results are not good. Our state gov. handed all the utilities to private enterprise and all the prices have gone through the roof. Our electricity charges went up by 60% over the last two or three years. The whole bloody planet is being organised to keep the shareholders happy.
    I like liverwurst sangers and I like liver and onions and sardines on toast, but I could never find much to feast on on pigs' trotters. They are all toe-nails and gristle.
    I hope you have a lovely NY eve and wish you health, peace and happiness for 2013 and beyond. I'll be in bed by 9.30 pm :)


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