Friday, November 9, 2012

"Thanks a lot, Christians..."*

Istanbul, Turkey
Happy Friday!. Let's take a break from Frankie and her dreams, shall we? In December I will edit and move Frankie to her own site so those who are reading along ( I thank you) can read it in order. I am only averaging about a thousand words per day. I should be almost doubling that, but, it's coming along. Anyway, thanks to those who are reading along. And thanks to those who hate it, but have kept their opinions to themselves.

Okay. Let's talk about Kirstie Alley. WTF!? Me and Kirstie have a lot in common. She's weird. I'm weird. She likes food. I like food. But, she has lost her marbles concerning her secret affair with Patrick Swayze. She claims it was only emotional, but Patrick and Kirstie dreamed of a life together, whilst both married to others.

What is the point? Patrick is dead. He cannot defend himself. She just ruined any career she might have tried to salvage (for awhile anyway. Hollywood forgives. Should be seeing Mel Gibson's return, soon)

It is just odd.

Talk about odd... Victoria Jackson has gone ballistic. I sort of get her point, though. I would have felt the same way if Mitt had won. Evil vs. Good. Jackson says, "America died." She blames Christians for not getting out there to vote.
Thank-you Jon Stewart for being who you are. In the midst of madness... there is Jon.
I love 'The Amazing Race.' I was stunned when two team members stole another team member's money. That is such bad sporting. Makes me puke. James/Abba left money on a counter and Nadiya/Natalie saw the money and took it. Fortunately, the rockers managed to borrow money from the poorest people of the world, in Bangladesh. Gahd, that country is horrible, except for the kind people.
I hate country music, but that Blake Shelton can sing to me anytime. He's sexy.
I've been reading a lot lately. I just finished Augusten Burroughs, 'This is How' It's about therapy and suicide and quacks and stuff. It was pretty interesting.
Okay folks, back to Frankie tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
*Jackson quote.


  1. I think Kirstie Alley is a bit strange anyway.

    If it's the Christians' fault for not getting out and voting, maybe there are more atheists in the US than anybody knew about? But then they do say that the hollow vessel makes the most noise and all we ever hear is people ranting on about religion. I don't have a lot of time, as you know, for 'Christians' who select only the bits of the Bible that suit their own purposes- mostly gleaned from the Old Testament and the 'fire and brimstone' God.

  2. I like your new layout. Which of the kids is you, again?


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