Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frankie Thanksgiving (19)

"Mmm... that smells, hmm..., said Mrs. Olsen, as she took off her coat and handed it to Leslie. "Vat is she cooking?" whispered Inga.

"All the turkey fixin's, sans gobbler." replied Les.

"I would have brought turkey, with my special herring dressing."

Mr. Olsen rolled his eyes as he walked in carrying a pumpkin pie in his frozen hands. "Aaach, it's a blizzard out there. Good ting we live down the stree, eh, mama?"

"Oh, we have a turkey. He'll be our guest of honor," winked Les.

"Olaf, come in. Come in. Frankie is busy, so I will be your host this evening. Praise the Lord, and pass your coats. What a storm, eh?"

"Every body's so concerned about the storm. We live three houses down the road. It's not like we are in Siberia, Olaf," scolded Mrs. Olsen, as she kept her eye on Jane, whom she knew had a mad crush on her Olaf.

The doorbell rang and since Olaf was between a wife and a hard spot, he quickly opened the door. They stood and stared at the stranger shivering in the cold.

"Hello. I'm Michael from the third ...tree down by the corner Walgreen's. Frankie invited me."

"Well, someone let him in," yelled Frankie as she walked her JW gait towards the new guest, and hugged everyone in line.

"I'm so glad you came, Michael," smiled Frankie. And everyone smiled (Except for two people. One was Les)  because they loved to see Frankie smile.

"Well, well, if it ain't the bum from District 9," sneered Bobby Lee Bing.

"That's Doctor Bum to you, Officer 'Bling,'" replied Michael.

Before Bobby Lee could reply, a hand clamped on hes ear. "Mind yer P's and Q's, boy. You are a guest in the MacGillicuddy home. Go stoke the wood in the fireplace! scolded Mrs. Cheri Bing, Bobby Lee's mama.

"Oh, it's gas, Mrs. Bing," said Frankie. "Everyone, just come in and sit. Dinner is nearly ready. Please, sit. Les, put on some Billie, okay?"

"Billie? Sounds like a woman," snickered Mugsy.

"Uh, Frankie, I need to go... said a nervous Les.

"Now? Dinner's almost ready, Les." She grabbed him by the arm and whispered, "Are you leaving because of Michael? I will ki..."

"No, no. I'll explain later." He kissed her forehead and went out into the blizzard.

Frankie tries to hide how upset she is at Les, as she turns to her guests. She smiles and calls everyone to the table. They give thanks for their fortunate lives, for their friends and family, and for their health.

As they raise a toast to the ones who could not join them on this day, Bobby Lee stands up and clinks his glass.

"This is a day to forgive."

"I tink dat's Easter, dear, .... Mrs. Olsen.

Ignoring everyone but Frankie, Bobby Lee says, "I now forgive you for ditching me all those years ago. Time to move on. I don't expect an apology anymor..."

"If you say one more word, Bobby Lee, I will tell everyone here why I ditched you that night. How dare you! At one time I really liked you, but...Oh, just sit down and eat."

"No. I'd really like to know why. Why you..."

"Okay. If that is what you want."

Mugsy and Debbie Downer puller their chairs closer to the table to hear the details.

"You told me you needed to get your wallet out of your car. I waited for you to return and finally went looking for you. I saw you Bobby Lee. You were imitating my walk. I even laughed at that. But then you told your buddies how easy I was. I was devastated. How could you have done that to me, Bobby Lee?" Frankie starts to tear up, then forces herself to stop.

"It was just talk, Frankie," said Bobby Lee, turning red.

No one looked at Bing. All eyes were on the new-comers who stood behind Frankie.

"You said that about my daughter, Bobby Lee? We trusted you to watch her..."

Frankie turned to see Molly, Angus, and an old woman, who was sitting in a hoveround.

Angus was about to reach across the table and grab Bing, when the old lady cackled, and said, "Hello, son."

Everyone turned to see who see was addressing.

"What are you doing here, Mother," asked Michael.

"Well, I'm not here voluntarily. These folks have kidnapped me."

Everyone gasped, except for Michael.

"I'm sure they had good reason. What have you done now?"

"You always were a nosey child. Such a bother, like your father. Well, the father you never met who wasn't your father."

"Whaaaaaattt?" asked the guests in unison.

Frankie didn't know whether to run to hug her parents or walk out of the house.

"What is going on, Ma? asked Frankie.

"Can we all just sit down and start from the beginning," suggested Molly, as she moved to hug Frankie. Frankie stiffly returned the hug and was about to sit down when there came a BANG from the front door. All heads turned to Leslie standing there with a short, hairy man, who was wearing a Hannibal Lechter mask.

"Oh my, Mama, this is better than 'The Good Wife'" observed Mr. Olsen.

"Frankie, meet your nemesis, .... .....

"It's a chimpanzee."

"Yes, it is darlin'." Everyone turned to see Mr. Crock, holding a gun next to Molly's head.

"Hand over the will, Molly. I'll also take those other incriminating papers. In eight days, The Demint Estate will belong to Charlie Chimp, and I am the guardian of the chimp. The house, the money. Everything will be mine!"

"Not so fast, Crock."

Not a sound was made as Sean stood behind Crock with a .........

"Lower the gun, or I will release your own creation." (A turkey with shark teeth)

Mr. Crock's eyes grew wide and his upper lip trembled.

"Looks like we are at a standstill. You release that thing on me, I shoot Molly."

As in all adult drama, no one factors in the cleverness or quick thinking of children. Lily bean didn't take karate lessons for nothing. She aimed her foot in Crock's crotch, kicking him in his jewels, whilst at the same time, smacking the gun up, which unfortunately went off and hit Charlie Chimp right in his.....

Angus jumped on Crock, while Bing pulled out a handy set of cuffs and subdued the wailing Crock.

"Is he dead? he's my ticket to..."

 "Shut up, Crock," hissed Bobby Lee.

"I think dinner is over," said Molly.

No one moved.

"I think it only fair we all hear what this is about. Can we at least remove that animal to the porch first," asked Frankie.

Les covered the dead chimp and he and Bing carried out the bundle outside.

"Why is Michael's mother here? Why was she kidnapped, as she claims?"

"She was a nurse who worked with Dr. Marone back in the 60's, when Sean, Sarah, myself, and Crock worked at a missionary in America. It wasn't a missionary as we thought and Sarah found out the truth about Dr. Malone's experiments that involved fertilizing human embryos. Sarah confided in me and asked me to help her in case anything happened to her..."

The old lady cackled and looked at Frankie. "So, this is the other one. Meet your sister, Michael." The old lady laughed as the group sat stunned by her comment.

"What are you talking about, old lady," seethed Michael.

"You are not my son. Your father never came back from supposedly meeting Molly. In fact, that was the night you were born. Don't worry. Your real mama is not dead. She's in a coma, up at the Demint mansion. Isn't she, Molly? Why don't you tell Frankie who her parents really are?"

Frankie looked at Molly and Angus, as they hung their heads and Angus sobbed.

"What is she saying, Molly," cried Frankie.

"Frankie, we love you. it is time to tell you the truth. Sarah is your mother. Sean is your father. I didn't know about Michael, but i see now the resemblance. I promised Sarah I would save the 'sample.' You. You were a frozen embryo. None of us knew what to do. Apparently Marone and Nurse implanted Michael into a host body.

"He was a genius. Never got credit for his work," said the old lady. "John, your surrogate father, never came back. He was supposed to go blackmail Molly. See, I knew there were two specimens. never thought you'd carry her, Molly. I suppose she and Michael are the heirs of the Demint Estate.

"Sarah is still alive..."

"Oh, my head is spinning," said Mr. Olsen. "I thought we vere saving the animals."

"We are, Olaf. And we will continue..."

"What animals?" asked Frankie.

"My creations," wailed Crock. "I trained them. I helped keep that b*#@.  aliv..."

Lily Bean kicked him once again, and only Crock's whining filled the room.

"Dr. Demint learned the truth about what happened at the mission, thanks to Crock. I had to go into hiding, but I also had to stay near to keep and eye on Demint and Sarah and save what animals we could after Demint's experiments. But, I also hoped, deep inside, that Demint would find a way to bring Sarah back. Now that Demint is dead, we only had thirty days to find Sarah's will, the one Charlie Chimp stole from me.
 Dr. Demint became completely insane and willed Charlie the heir to estate. Crock was going to fire Sean, AKA, Ms. Smith, and have Sarah moved to an assisted living facility. The animals created for Demint's amusement, and the ones used for experiments were to be destroyed. With the help of so many people in Manoomin, we have used the old underground railroad passage, to smuggle animals out to a safe place, to try and care for them. Les has been the transporter. Mr. and Mrs. Olsen, and many, many other wonderful neighbors took in the animals and cared for them, and watched over you. I never knew what had happened between you and Bobby Lee. I remember that night when you came home, crying, and just said you didn't feel well. I should have... We would have never entrusted him to..."

"Seems a lot of people have secrets, here. I can't deal with this right now. I'm going out," cried Frankie.

"Frankie, there's a storm out there," said Les.

"Just leave me alone."

Frankie grabbed her coat and left, carrying with her, anger and confusion.

She sat in the box and tried to comprehend what she had heard. Sarah and Sean were her biological parents. Michael is her brother. Mr. Crock trained a chimp to try and kill her. She shivered and cried and felt completely lost. She heard a tap and Michael crawled in with her. Neither spoke as Michael put his arms around his sister.

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