Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Frankie Dreams (7)

"I'm telling you what I saw. his ear was flopping off!"

"Well, maybe he's an actor, and he was on a break. Or, he is still celebrating Halloween," explained Leslie.

"Everything has been so weird since Molly and Angus left. I think I'm cracking up."

"What weird things, Frankie?"

"Origami swans, signing rats, tapping morse code, that tells me to eat more fiber..."

"Frankie, Frankie. It's probably just stress, worrying about your folks, and well, you do have odd dreams."

"I wasn't dreaming, Les."

"Okay, okay. So, you had a hairy visitor which is beyond me why a carnivore would choose the MacGillicuddy houehold. Pine-nuts and edemame. That's what Molly offered us for snacks. Ya'd think the rat would prefer tasty treats, like cheese fondue."

"What about the origami? What about the sign language? How did that rat get out of the bowl?"

"I could discuss this with you further over a good movie and some vino. I'll even make popcorn, and save the damsel...oops."

"Why is it when I talk with you, you want to solve something? I just want you to listen to me, Les."

"I'm just trying to help, Frankie."

"Then just shut up and listen to me! Did I tell you I'm not calling you Marion anymore, Leslie? I'm going now. I don't need you to rescue me."

"So, no movie? C'mon pal. Frankie?"

Frankie didn't have the heart to dance that night. It was no fun shimmying and shaking a belly alone. As she flopped on the couch, her cell phone rang. 'Don't wanna talk to you, Les,' Frankie mumbled.

Hello? Silence. Hello, hello. Ma? Pops? No on spoke although Frankie could hear someone breathing.

"Are you calling about Molly or Angus Mac...?

"Come to the corner of Raven and Brannagh."

"Who is this. I'm not meeting you anywhere."

"Raven and Brannagh." The caller hung up and left Frankie angry and frightened.

Raven and Robin...

Frankie pulled up to Robin St. and parked her car. She watched and waited to see if anyone showed up.

"What's happening, Frankie? whispered a voice in the backseat.

"Shhhhh... he's probably watching us."

"Praise the Lord, and pass the binoculars. I'm freezing back here, Frankie. Maybe we should call..."

Sshhhh, someone'"s coming."

"Who is it? Laws, I have to tinkle."

Frankie pulled up to the corner and waited for the .... to step up to the car.

"Whatchya doin', Frankie?"

"What are you doing out this late, Mugsy?"


Mugsy yelped as the thing from the back seat popped up. it was covered in slime and had tubes coming out of its head. "Oh, hey, Mrs. Kowalski. Howya doin' on this fine eve....?"

"Zip it kid. Why are you calling women in the middle of the night? Explain yourself!"

"Gee, it's ten after nine, Mrs. K. How did you know I was gonna call a babe, uh, lady, uh..."

"Why are you out here, Mugsy?" asked Frankie.

"My folks grounded me an' took all my communication devices. i was just gonna be gone for ten minutes. I had to call her. That's all. Are you two on the Neighborhood watch or something. That's some disguise, Mrs. K. I..."

"So, you didn't call me tonight?"

"WHAT!? Why would I call you? Look, I'm gonna be in big sh, uh, trouble if I don't go home."

Where were you going to call this, babe, Mugsy?"

"Over there. It's behind the Bel-Air auto repair. Can't believe it still works, even though the shop has been closed for years. I just stumbled..."

"Go home, Mugsy" yelled the olayed slathered mug of Mrs. K.

Mugsy took off without another warning.

Frankie pulled behind the deserted auto shop and saw the pay phone. Nothing else...but... Frankie climbed out of the car and stared at the booth.

"What is it Frankie? What!?"

One origami Yoda was perched on the phone, staring back at Frankie.

"Praise the Lord and pass the light saber. let's get out of here."

Frankie didn't need another warning, either.

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  1. Why do men think they have to solve things?
    You can offload to a woman and she knows you don't expect her to sort out your problems - maybe give you a different viewpoint, but that's all.
    I'd love to see an origami Yoda :)


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