Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frankie Dreams (16)

"Whoa! What stinky feet you have, my dear," sniffled Les as he held his nose.

"That is not the scent of stinky feet, Watson. Smells like a native of Borneo, the hairy kind. Good grief, let's just throw everything in a bag, spray the closet, and head over to your house. You owe me a movie, or two."

"Oooh, a night with Frankie? Where ever can this lead?"

"You falling asleep during, 'Love Actually'"

"Oh noooooo, not that one again."

"We'll start with twelve angry men in combat, with gratuitous shots of naked women, running through mine fields."

"Now, you're talking," laughed Les.

As they popped corn and poured wine, Les asked, "So, this Michael guy..."

Frankie glared at him.

"I was just going to ask if he is a nice guy? What's his story?"

"I don't know what "his story," is, as you say. He doesn't talk about his past, but a lot of his past is written on his face and arms. He has scars on his arms."

"What, like track marks?"

"No. More like cigarette burns. I just feel close to him. I can't explain it. I don't have a lot of friends. But, if you are worried, you are my only bestest friend."

"Oooh, she likes me. She really, really, likes me."

"Well, who is going to grab that salt shaker from the top of the fridge for me, except you? C'mon, time for bombs and babes."

Officer Bing sat outside Les' house and played poker on his I-pad. He was now down by $25.

The walking man watched the 'stoopid' cop and rubbed his hands together and grinned from ear to ear. He then pulled out his stash.

"Uh, Les. Wake up. I think Bobby Lee is stuck in his car. He's banging on the inside of his squad car..."

"What the hell?"

Les and Frankie walked outside to see Bing pushing on the doors and windows. As they moved closer, they could smell the familiar odor of super glue. The whole car was sealed tight, with one hopping mad copper inside.

"Now what," asked Frankie.

"Call Jim at the FD. Maybe he can cut him out."

"I like him in there."

"Who would super glue Bing in his car, and why is he parked by my house?"

"Who wouldn't, and he's under surveillance, watching us in case I trip and break my ankle, or something..."

"Let's let him simmer some more. Want some coffee before you go?"

"More wine. Definitely more wine."

As they wave to Officer Bing, the walking man is behind a bush, trying to unglue his hands and his lips. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

Frankie and Michael Bay
"Make it big, Big, BIG! No need for a plot. Just confuse the audience with noise and shootings, speeding cars, and naked chicks. Get a hunk to be a 'hero' and it's a billion dollar movie, baby. Hey, mind if I steal that super glue scene? My next movie will involve Kanye and Kim, trying to take over the world, and the 'Hoff' has special super glue powers. Just add my recipe of loud, Loud, LOUD, and bing a bang, a success."
Frankie and Les
He took her hand and pulled her towards him. "Let us dance the light fandango and kiss under the stars...."
Frankie moved in to kiss...
Frankie and Mr. Crock
"My turn, now, darlin'. I just cannot rely on the help. You are a thorn in my belly. Gahd, it smells in here. All I need is that pillow..."
Crock went down like a feather as he was tased by Ms. Pussy Whatfor. The rest of the crew carried Crock out to the dumpster.

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