Friday, November 16, 2012

Frankie Dreams (15)

January, 1970
"She means everything to me. I expect only the best care for her. You must put your own life on hold. Do you think you can do that, Ms. Smith?"
"Oh, yes. I am committed to ensuring she gets the best of care," smiled Ms. Smith.
"Good. Good," replied Dr. Demint. "Are you sure we haven't met before? Well, I must get back to the lab. Take care of my daughter, nurse."
Sean looked down on his beautiful Sarah and covered her arms with a blanket. He then pulled at his bra strap and adjusted his 'boobs.'
"I'm here, baby. I'm here."
Frankie lay in bed and thought about Sarah. She wanted to see her again. Soon. She felt as if her heart would shatter when Sean told explained Sarah has been in a coma since 1967. Doctors at first thought she had been bitten by a local insect, but after many tests, finally determined she had been poisoned.
Frankie was late for work. She reminded herself to clean out her closet when she came home. It reeked of dirty feet and sweat.
"Hiya, pal. Care for a lift?
"Where have you been, Les? I need to talk to your mother."
"We went up north to close down the cabin. Sorry, thought I told you. Ma hasn't been feeling well. She has a terrible cold. I'll let you know when she's feeling better. So, no ride?"
"I'll walk, but thanks," Frankie smiled.
"I love when you smile, Frankie. We need to talk soon. I heard you are planning the Thanksgiving feast this year. Does that mean no meat. No turkey? No ham? No delicious edible food, or as Mr. Olsen describes it, 'Unedible.'"
"You will come and you will eat my food because you love me. One day. Just one day, you can forgo your Neanderthal instincts and eat veggies."
Leslie made a hacking sound and .... "Vegetables! Garooosss. See ya later, pal."
Leslie drove off, leaving Frankie giving him the finger. Mrs. Tenuta shouted out, "Frankie!"
"Oops. Sorry, Mrs. Tenuta."
Frankie walked into the store and tried to keep her mind on the job. Instead, she thought of Sarah and Sean, and how Sean had looked at her. It was so heartbreaking to see this man who has stayed by her side all these years. Frankie wanted to ask Sean so many questions, but it wasn't the right time. She just wanted to sit with Sarah. She had noticed the guitar in the corner, which held only three strings. She wondered if  Sean would be angry if she picked up some guitar strings and played a tune for them?
Frankie pondered and worked in a fog that day. She didn't realize how late it was getting when she heard Jess call out.
"Frankie, can you lock up, tonight. Got a date with Bonehead. Hey, is he invited to the non-turkey feast?"
"Of course. Okay, I'll lock up. See you tomorrow, Jess."
Jess turned off the front lights and turned the 'Open' sign over to, 'Closed.'
Frankie finished checking up on the animals, making sure they were ready for the evening, and then locked the front door. She went in the back to grab the trash to throw out and as she entered the store room she heard a slam behind her. Frankie tried the door, but it was locked. Someone had locked Frankie in the room. As Frankie yanked on the door, she heard a, 'Hhhhiiiiiisssssssss,' behind her.
Bubba the ...snake was crawling towards her...
As Frankie was locked in the store room, on the other side, the walking man smiled and waited for a scream, or a thud. It wouldn't be long now. He jumped around the room, agitating the sleepy animals and banged his fists on the counter. Soon. Soon.
The walking man could wait no longer. He was terrible at time, but he knew it wouldn't take long for a mean old nasty snake to bite the girl. Soon, it would all be his.
He slowly opened the door and peered inside the darkened room. The girl was gone. Just as he was about to turn on the lights, something struck him in the face. He screamed and ran out of the shop.
Frankie came back into the storeroom from the back office and washed her hands after taking out the trash.
"Ready to go back in your home, Bubby? How did you get out anyway? Frankie noticed the door to the shop was now open. "Hmm, must have been stuck. C'mon, Bubba, let's vamoose. You look awfully happy. Looks like you enjoyed your little excursion. Back we go."
Frankie frowned as she checked the front door. She was sure she had locked it. She re-locked it, said goodnight to the menagerie and went out the back way.
As she walked home, she heard an awful high-pitched screaming and hoped the person was okay.
As she looked around, she saw Officer Bing sitting in the squad car, buffing his nails. He never even looked up as she passed.
"See ya, Bobby Lee," Frankie laughed.

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