Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frankie Dreams (13)

Frankie did the opposite and jumped up to look at Lily Bean sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Eeewww, you like The Decemberists? Garooos," as LB's eyes roamed the room.

"I'd ask you how you got in here, but I think I know the answer. Lily Bean, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my plans to search the tunnels. I just thought it safer..."

"Yeah, I get it. I'm a kid, but I AM a smart kid, so I get the grown-up emotional strings. Blah, blah. How's your friend doing?"

They could not help themselves, they both laughed as they recalled the look on Michael's face when he got beaned with a beam.

"Why did you go in the tunnels, LB? Seems we both broke our oath."

"I found something else in Dad's fake books. A letter to Sarah Demint.

"Who is Sarah Demint?"

"Good question. Maybe we should find out. Together."

"Lily Bean..."

"Oh, Frankie, don't pull the adult card, now. I beat you with blackmail. You leave me, I tell my folks about our latest adventures, or you will be mud in this town. The town's babysitter bimbo. I'll agree to including your male friend, but you and I, we are in this together."

"Why, Lily Bean, you little sh.."

Lily Bean knew Frankie admired her precociousness, because Frankie grinned from ear to ear.

"You look like that lady from, Steel Magnolias," said LB.

"I feel like that old lady from, Bernie," replied Frankie.

"Off to school and off to work. We shall rendezvous at 1600 to plan our next move."


July, 1967
Dear Axle,
Hello my dear friend. How is everything in Wisconsin? Oh how I miss the smell of Summer nights in Manoomin. The temps here usually hover around 101 degrees.
Axle, I need to confide in you. First, I am madly in love! Second, I may be in trouble. I witnessed something odd the other night, so I decided to take a closer look. I truly believe the Doctor is using me as a ........ I cannot tell Sean. He worries already for my welfare. I have a friend here, Molly. If anything happens to me, I have asked Molly to get in touch with you after her time served.
Please keep an eye on Dad. He's not as bad as everyone thinks.
Soon, if all goes well, we will have a grand reunion. I miss you and Janey, and just about everyone.
Hugs, Sarah
October 29, 2012
"She wanted you to move on, Sean- to find happiness with someone."
"I've been happy, here. There is no one but Sarah. I will take her out of here if that animal isn't found soon."
"We are doing everything we can to find him. You just stay with her and let her know we love her. We have a lot to talk about. There is someone you need to meet."
June, 1989
Thunder boomed, as lightning flashed across Manoomin. Lights across the grid gradually went out.
"Angus, why isn't the generator working? We need power!"
"I'm doing what I can, Molly. Don't panic."
Oh, god, we have to save the 'sample'"
He had planned to hide in the snowman and sneak up on her. He pushed and grunted as he rolled the growing mass, then he slipped and the ball rolled rolled over him, taking him with, growing bigger and bigger, rolling right into the Bergen's yard, where Bruiser, the Bergen's rottweiler wagged his tail at his new toy. First though, he had to mark his new territory.
Officer Bing watched from the squad car as the ball rolled down the hill, and muttered, "Damn kids."
He turned back towards her house- watching and waiting and seething with anger.
"Mrs. K. knew Sarah. Let's go visit. She and Les have been MIA, lately. Would you like some wheat germ and yogurt before we go?"
"And I balked at oatmeal this morning. I'd rather eat my mitten."
"Gee, looks deserted," observed Frankie as they reached the Kowalski doorstep. "Let's walk over to Les' place. Mrs. K. said they were getting ready for Winter."
They laughed as they passed the Bergen house and watched Bruiser jump and bite at a yellow ball.
"Do you think my dad was in love with Sarah Demint? He didn't marry mom until he was fifty and she was half his age."
"It is interesting that he has kept this letter for so long."
"Do you keep love letters, Frankie?"
"I never got one, Lily Bean."
"You mean Leslie didn't write to you when you went off to sniff college?"
"People don't write letters anymore. Such a pity. Now, they sext."
"Eewww, leslie sexted you?"
"Ha! No way. Les is well mannered, polite, sweet, kind..." Frankie sighs.
"That is not a sigh of love."
Lily Bean stops and waits for Frankie to turn and look at her. Lily Bean points her finger and hoots.
"You like Michael, don't you? He's like, 100, and he lives in a box! Oh, I can see it now. Michael and Frankie and little Frichaels with their own little Pamper box additions. Haha!"
"Being homeless is not funny, LB. Michael deserves more, but..."
"What, Frankie?"
"Let's not judge why people do what they do. It's so unfair."
"You are right, but can I assume one more thing before we close this subject?"
"Sure. What is it?"
"Do you think Officer Bing is working with a full deck?"
"He is a lousy tracker. He really should cut the bubble lights if he wants to blend in."
"Do you think he's on to us?"
LB, Officer Bing couldn't find his way out of a paper bag."
"Ooh, that's mean," snickered Lily Bean.
Gone fishin'...
"Who goes fishing in November, Frankie?"
"I know it would not be the Kowalski family."
"Maybe they meant it as the idiom. Gone fishing for something other than the scaly type."
Frankie and Lily Bean stared at Les' little house, and watched Bing's bubble lights reflect across the windows.

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