Saturday, May 23, 2015

True Tales

I was listening to NPR last night as I crocheted my never ending thing. I listened to people tell stories.  Wow. What an amazing idea and great stories. One story a woman told was about the new place they had bought out in the country because her husband wanted to be one with the land. After a few months they began to get sick. One day the woman started digging (for garden? Not sure) but she started digging up what looked look insulation and other debris. She found out the previous owner had been dumping garbage there for over twenty years. Since they now owned the land they were responsible for cleaning it up, at a cost of $1.5 million. You have to go to to hear the rest.

My favorite story was from a man who talked about his grandmother and the start of his first job as a news reporter in Detroit. Brought tears to my eyes.

A great place to hang out, folks.

Beauty in the Eye... Aaaaaah

Crafties with Miss Thingy!!

It's crafty time with Miss Thingy!! I shall put Martha Stewart to shame, ladies and gents. Now, I'm sure everyone has had some horrendous accident happen to them sometime in their lives. Today, we shall make happy memories from that horrific incident!

Now, remember kids when I fell last March? Haha, oh that hurt like a bugger. Well, Miss Thingy has taken her old cast and old four pointy cane and made magic, kids.

And, you can, too!!

Just get out that glue, some glitter, scissors (don't run) and let your imagination flow. If it helps, think about the pain you experienced. I guarantee you will start to see things, even stars, perhaps!?

Old cast...

Use as a remote or phone holder!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"I Want My Sausages"

In the movie, 'Romy and Michelle...' Michelle is looking for a job and winds up at a thrift store. She is so freaked out by the store which gives off such bad vibes, and when a woman walks by who looks like she hasn't bathed in weeks, Michelle freaks out.

Okay, it's true. In the past going into thrift stores, ie.. Goodwill, St. Vincent's, gave me the same feeling. Truly, they smelled like mothballs and old people. They were indeed gross. Not so much anymore. The Goodwill stores have vamped up. They look nice and clean and don't let crap, real crapazoid get in.

I went shopping the other day and was near a Salvation Army. This store is a blast (of mothballs and dead people) from the past. It's creepy and smelly and there is never anyone around. I did, however, find a cute skirt and a binder I had been looking and waited by the counter as the two employees talked. As I stood at the counter whilst the old lady ran the register, I became annoyed as she jibber-jabbered with the other employee who didn't seem like she had anything to do but talk. I watched as the old lady rang up the purchase of the dress and sure enough, just as I thought she would, she turned to talk some more then rang up my dress purchase again! To be sure I was correctly screwed, I waited for my receipt (they use ancient registers) and showed her the mistake. She said I would have to take a store credit, she could not give me my money back. WTF! So ridiculous.

 I told her I wanted my money- the mistake would not have happened if she had been paying attention to what she was doing. Finally, the young lady stepped in and they discussed the issue and I was told I would get my money back. Then the old lady proceeded to wait on other customers whilst I stood there. Was I boiling at this point? You betcha. A gentleman who bought some silverware told the old lady to give his change to me. LOL. Nice guy, but the old biddy just told him he could take anything in the store that was worth a dollar. Huh? This was turning into the Twilight Zone. The man laughed and said he would look around to see if he indeed needed anything worth a dollar. Without his input and humor I think I would have had to wrestle the old lady. Finally, finally, she had to unlock the stupid register and count out my money.

I think thrift stores are terrific, especially those intended to help others, but I doubt I will ever enter this place again. Gave me the willies. I rushed out just like Romy did, screaming, "Eww,eww."

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thingy's Obit

She liked to take pictures of horses
I never thought of writing my own obituary, and it sounds rather arrogant, but I have been to a few memorials for the dearly departed where the pastor, orator, spokesperson had no clue who the person in the casket was. Even relatives tend to get it wrong. There is a story in The Daily Beast, where a Mila, something, something has written her ending,  so, without further ado-doo...

Maggie Jean (Thingy) was a good old gal. She liked pizza and cold coffee. Sometimes, cold pizza and hot coffee. She laughed during inappropriate moments. She probably would be laughing now. She loved animals. Except she stayed away from horses. She loved to dance. She could not sing a note. She played the guitar badly and drew, drew, drew. She cried when Atticus Finch killed the rabid dog, and when ET phoned home,laughed when Cary Grant pulled out his hair. She loved the Impressionist, hated the posers, and once caused a scene in the aisle of Piggly Wiggly, but she digresses. She loved her child, hugged her Pi. And generally thought her second chance at life was working out pretty well.

And don't say I "passed."

Play list...



Billie Holliday

If you play Barry Manilow, I will come around to haunt you.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Onus on the POTUS Wanna-be

She told the truth. She stood up to the brother of the man who created ISIS.

Ivy Ziedrich, a student at the University of Nevada, called out to Jeb Bush who wants to be king as well.

I admire Ivy's courage. Yet... Jeb is not his brother. Oh, I'm not saying they don't come from the same tree. They certainly do indeed. Yet... if my sister says, "Clouds are pink!" is that my fault?

Ivy, I know the former killer of thousands is now happily painting doggies and happy clouds so you may never get the chance to speak with him, and I doubt he reads, and as much as I admire your gumption, don't attack the brother until or unless (Gahd forbid) he becomes the third Bush in office and plans to attack Canada.

But do shout, be heard, and blees ya, Ivy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Windy on This Side

Yes, yes, he's a genius! If there is one word I hear describing Orson Welles, that is it.
I finished reading the terrific and completely biased book, by, Josh Karp,  entitled, 'Orson Welles's Last Movie.' It's an engrossing story of Welles making the weirdly titled film, 'The Other Side of the Wind.'
Was money really the issue as to why the film has hung in limbo for forty years?
It's maddening at times because Welles would not finish it, even when he had financial backup. It truly is an interesting look into a man who could not let his work go.
Karp sometimes tries to explain what Welles may have been thinking, but only the "genius," is privy to that.
Still, a real page turner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Am God's Mucus

I just recently read Paul Rudnick's book, 'I Shudder.' It's part memoir and part fiction. Kind of weird but there is one particular passage that caught my eye, written by the fictional character (I hope he's fictional) Elyiot Vionnet. He says,"I have never, I am proud to say, taken the bus, because people who take the bus have given up. They have said, I am nothing. I will never know a second's joy or even the most miniscule accomplishment, I am a rotting fleshbag rolling toward my garden apartment. I am God's mucus, and therefore- I take the bus."

Okay, I laughed. It's true in a way. And yes, I have taken the bus. That's me in the grocery bag. I think I will walk. Wonder what that implies?