Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's a Gas

Well, who am I to dispute science? Says right there, right there I tell ya! in the Happenings magazine, that the University of Exeter, in England (duh) says that sniffing gas, uh, the gas you pass, may be good for you. It may even protect you from certain cancers. Well, cancer is no laughing matter my friends. My bubbala died from the Big C.

However, gas is always funny. Unless you are standing behind a real gas bag.

Dr. Mark Wood, says passing small amounts of hydrogen sulfide can reverse mitochondrial damage. Good to know.

Let's be open to new things, folks.

And, let's open that window!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Wild (Mid)West


Tuesday 22


Chicago, USA. John Dillinger makes a date with Anna Sage to take her to the cinema. Big mistake, John. He is a bank-robber known as ‘Public Enemy Number 1’. Anna tells the FBI where the gangster will be, and they fill him full of bullets as he leaves the cinema. Poor Anna has lost a boyfriend – but gained a $10,000 reward so she’s not crying too much.
(From Horrible Histories)

Hearing the news lately, it would seem Chicago is still a wild and wacky gun-slinging town. According to Steve Chapman, however, crime is down. Way down. Yet. 78 shootings over the 4th of July holiday? 40 this past week-end. An innocent girl was killed when a stray bullet went into a house while victim was at a sleepover.

Men/boys/thugs, trying to kill other men/boys/thugs. Innocents get in the way. That is the Chicago of today. I have seen of few news conferences with CPD Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, who seems to shrug in defeat, stating nothing can be done until laws are changed.

Hadiya Pendleton, killed in January of 2013

What can be done? Really, I want to know. What is the solution?

I don't know if out-of-towners still think of Chi-town as the gangster city. It sure would be a sad legacy if that is the case.

*Hadiya Pendleton

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ohio and Boobs Radley

Here's the beef!

Happy to be home in Cheddarland. Traveled to Ohio for wedding. It was lovely but it made me feel ancient. So many youngin's. Visited Mom and Dad. They had nothing to say. Lovely, lovely time.

Dad's gnarly Cub's cap

I love this. Someone (woman) is leaving things on a antique dresser in one of the hallways in the building. I've gotten a free vacuum (so what if it smells a bit like rubber burning) an antenna, a book, some chotskies... Yeah, that's living. I call her Boobs Radley.
Um, what? The bastards who allegedly shot down a civilian plane are the ones who will be doing the investigating!? Lordy, lordy.
Oh, I'm so glad you spammers liked my Comcast post. Now, beat it.

 Mysterious Man has a post about his most popular post. Too funny. Here is mine thus far. Bloggity, bloggity, blog.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hardly Shocking, but Comcast Still Sucks

Gahd, this is beyond pissing me off! Not the video itself, but trying to find it and post it. Not sure whether it's my computer or a Comcast conspiracy. Let's go with Comcast.

Anyway, some guy recorded this ditty after trying unsuccessfully to cancel their service with Comcast. The customer service rep did not want to let him go. This is quite fascinating. Here we have two individuals who want to be the Alpha male. The customer could have hung up at any time, redialed and spoken to someone else, yet, he hangs on. Such passive/aggressive behavior. The service rep is doing his job, being a class A asshole. Haven't we all been exposed to them? Why is customer so surprised, then?

Really, they both piss me off, as does this computer, or, Comcast conspiracy.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

House on a Jelly Roll

Good old Jelly Roll Morton, went to the heavenly blues club on this day way back then. Is there a doctor in the House? I do believe it is so. Hugh Laurie, ladies and gents.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Me and Bob Blow

So long, suckers. If ya want me you know what to do. Just blow.

Cat's Tale

DELAND, Fla. (AP) -- "A 4-year-old Russian blue cat named Kush is being quarantined after apparently going berserk inside a central Florida home, prompting its owners to call 911.
Police say the feline scratched owners Teresa and James Gregory on their arms and legs Saturday, causing the couple to retreat to a bedroom, where they called 911.
The Daytona Beach News-Journal ( ) reports Teresa Gregory told the dispatcher she had mistakenly stepped on the cat's tail earlier in the day and the cat went after her husband. They locked Kush in the bedroom for most of the day. When they finally opened the door, Kush wasn't happy.
Kush was placed in quarantine for 10 days at a pet shelter. Officials say the owners can then take the cat back home, relinquish ownership or have it put down."

A contemplative cat is a dangerous thing

These kind of stories piss me off. Gee, you step on the cat's tail, he's gonna get pissed! You lock him in the bathroom. What do you think he's gonna do, take a bubble bath? Ya pissed him even more! Then you call 911 on him? Oi.

The last part is the most disturbing. Because of your actions, you now have the choice to kill him. I certainly hope you give him to someone else. He ain't gonna forget this one, mom and dad.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crying in Baseball

Yes, indeed folks, there are so many current issues to be mad about, sad about, crazy about, but, I wanna, I wanna talk about this guy. Oh, so many things wrong here, where to begin?

You are at a baseball game. You pays lotso'money to get to see two of the greatest teams in the USofA. What do you do? You take a nap.

You intend to sue ESPN for ruining your character and fine reputation by pointing you out. Then some mean comments are made towards your faux pas.

 I see that you are a used car dealer. O-M-G.

You want $10 million dollars to ease your pain and suffering.

Sheeeiiiittt, it's the fans who suffered buddy boy, although, the folks surrounding you don't seem to even notice you. I'm talkin', yes, I'm talkin' about the fans at home, the kids who never had a chance to see a game, a kid who would love every frickin' minute to be in your size XXXX shirt.

Also, when you buy a ticket you give up any privacy rights. You know, those black boxes that move around? Those are cameras. Nothing new, pal.

I'm sure you are a tad embarrassed (as well you should be) but here's an idea. Laugh it off, fella. Get some sleep at home. Don't waste some of the best memories you coulda had by snoozing off. That's a criminal act. The ballpark should sue you.