Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maggie and the Gross Peach

I was going to have a rant Monday but did not have time, so, Monday on a Tuesday. Here goes...

Peaches. I am going to name names here- I went to the local Pick n Save and bought four lovely looking peaches for $5.98. Yeah the price is ridiculous but I guess that's the norm now. Only well to do peeps can afford fruit. I am not well to do but thought I'd splurge. I was thinking of those luscious Georgia peaches I once had so long ago and I just got a hankering. Instead, I got disappointment, folks. I cut into one and it was a fibrous mass of brown goo. Okay, maybe just the one? No. All four peaches were inedible, but stupid me, I carried on and tried to make a cobbler out of them. No. Tasted like a cobbler and his shoes.

 I'm really angry. I assume these peaches are picked well before they are ripe, then sit in some warehouse for what, days, weeks, months!?

Listen up, Pick 'n Save, if you are going to sell fruit with such outrageous prices they better taste like peaches!


On a more serious note, yet still a rant. I just read several books about the Holocaust. Not by choice really. The first book, 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,' written by John Boyne, was given to me by a friend who likes to read children's books, so I thought it was some cute little story about a boy and his magical pj's, perhaps.


It is about a nine year old boy, Bruno, whose father is going to be the new commandment of Auschwitz. Bruno calls it, "Outwith." Isn't that quaint? Bruno makes friends with another nine year old boy, one who lives on the other side of the fence.

Truly, there is no way to make a good story out of this and the ending is horrific. I don't think Boyne remembers being a nine year old boy because this Bruno is an idiot. Boyne calls him naive because Bruno has no clue as to what is going on around him. I'll say.

I have great faith in nine year old boys. After ten, boys are Peter Pan Penis Players. This Bruno is beyond stupid. There has to be some truth in fiction and this is not it. I read that Boyne wrote the book in two days.

Don't be proud, John. Really. Don't.

And now for the other book about the Holocaust (I think) I found this book in the library on the, 'Books for Sale,' cart for fifty cents. The title is, 'Beatrice and Virgil,' written by, Yann Martel, who wrote, 'The Life of Pi,' which I really liked. 

Whoa. So weird and weirder.

Edward Champion, on his blog, edrants.com, wrote in 2010 this was the worst book of the decade. Wow. Well, it was strange and I do agree with some of Champoin's assessments that the author repeated himself, uh, repeatedly. Yet, it was different, but in comparison with the first book, the main character, a writer, is stupidly naive on what goes on around him. Finding any allegory between Auschwitz with the supposedly symbolic creatures- a donkey named Beatrice, and Virgil, a monkey,  will be hard going.

I'd say, skip, skip, skip away from both.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Spam

Oh, love this spam...

" Hello, this weekend is nice in support of me, because this moment i am reading this impressive educational paragraph here at my residence." 

How nice. The post was about stick man.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

For Pete's Sake!

I apologize for Wisconsin.

Milwaukee lion

A dog faces six to eight weeks of recovery after being shot by a man who apparently mistook it for Milwaukee's elusive urban lion.
The lion has been the talk of the city since police received their first report of a sighting Monday afternoon on the north side, but no evidence of any wild cat has been found despite numerous follow-up reports.
On Tuesday, authorities responded to the area of 21st St. and Chambers St. and found that someone shot and wounded an animal thought to have been the lion. Instead, it was an American bulldog that now wears a blue cast on its front right leg where the bullet went through.
Employees caring for it at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission have named him Pete, after an accident-prone shelter employee, Executive Director Karen Sparapani said Thursday morning.
"Pete's often in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like this dog was," Sparapani told the Journal Sentinel.
It will take the dog up to two months to recover from the wound, she said, but the good news Thursday morning was that a man had come forward saying he was the dog's owner.
Although no one knows whether the reported lion sightings are an actual lion — be it a mountain lion or other big cat — Sparapani said it's not out of the question. People sometimes keep exotic animals as pets, one of which could have escaped. Or a mountain lion might be passing through Wisconsin on a cross-country trek.
"People have to remember that we do live in an awesome state that does have a robust wildlife," she said.
But residents shouldn't live in fear that a lion will attack their pets or children, and she certainly doesn't recommend that scared residents open fire on suspected wild beasts.
"If they see something that they're afraid of, their first reaction should not be to shoot it," Sparapani said.
Call the authorities instead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Run, Stick man, Run!

Hey, haven't done live cameras in awhile. Weather in the South Pole. Now, -55F, Tomorrow, -70F

Oh, poor stick man trying to get to the Antarctica station. Run, man!

Another pretty image in Antarctica.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Through snow and sleet, in dead of night,
no one told me 'bout this flight.
One stinkin' package I must deliver,
I'm so high up my package do shiver.
Five more floors, I'm almost there,
I think I shat in my underwear!
OMG, up yours, UPS!
I just blew a lung, I'm in distress.
Almost there, one more floor,
You say she moved to Ecuador?
Through floods, mad dogs, and mordant hail,
 my temper tossed, this box doth sail.

A Man, A Woman, A Caucasian and A Tan Woman With a Weave Walk into a Bar

Nobody wants to be who they were born to be, biologically talking. Caitlyn Jenner is now a woman. I truly admire her balls, um, lack of balls, as she went from Bruce to Caitlyn.

How about Rachel Dolezal who was outed by her mama and papa because Rachel says she is not white? She is black in her heart. (my words)


Ain't nobody happy just the way you are?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review of Book Not Read

I can't give a review of 'Go Set a Watchman,' because I have not read it. Yet. After all the hoopla regarding Atticus Finch, I intend to do so. Am I disappointed to find out Atticus may be a racist? Kind of. Am I surprised? No, not really.

Why exactly do I love 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' as much as I do? It's filled with hate and such profound sadness it is hard to explain. Perhaps it is because people endure. They have to. Finch the lawyer defended a black man in a time when and place where he was considered what? a traitor? a n*##@^ lover? What I have realized is Atticus Finch did his job no matter whether it contradicted his own convictions. It's not how I want to see Scout's father, as the southern gentleman who is a product of his upbringing, but it is the reality.

Life is filled, most overwhelmingly at times, filled with sorrow and facing what is before us.

So, I will face my own delusions, whether it be in a book of fiction or true life and read, 'Go Set a Watchman.'

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Buona Benedetto

Add caption
I'm so glad we finally seem to have managed to keep a small used book store in our town. For some reason they never last. This one is pretty good. Whatever the original price is (old or new) books are half off that price AND if you bring in books for credit, books are half off the half off price. Pretty sweet. I found a cool book yesterday.

 Bennett happens to be a painter as well as a crooner. I was pleasantly surprised, although I shouldn't be. Many talented people show their brilliance in various forms. Being close to Ravinia, I found this painting to be truly spectacular. Not only does he paint well, he gets the feel of the place, something he said was important to him.

Carry on, Benedetto.

And here's a little something from that other talent he has...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heirs and Assigns

She searches for souls along the track,

delivering urchins - her one true knack.

Come to me little dickens, fear no more,

as animus gathers in her gunny sack.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I Cry Today Over This Shit

What a day. Big storm last night that blew trees down and no computer. So I walk to store then wait for bus and get rained on by sprinklers. And yes, I was the only person not to see 'Minions' this week-end. Oh, and here is a post (I can't find it, but it was good. I wrote long ago. I AM THE COMMENT WHORE!! Meow.

This is incredible. I'm so out of the loop I have never heard this before until reading Patton Oswalt's latest book (something, something) Oswalt loves old movies. He mentioned a movie you probably never saw, and fortunately never will. Jerry Lewis in, 'The Day the Clown Cried.

Seriously!? Who thought up this shit? Never was a fan of Lewis. Slapstick can be funny. I think Lucille Ball delivered, but Jerry just went over the top. Just cringe worthy stuff. But this is insane. A clown during WW11 who ends up in a war camp, then performs for the children as they are sent off to the gas chambers.

Seriously, this is nuts. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Our House...is a Very, Very, Fine House*

The house in the 1890's
Courtesy, Sarah Whittaker Peters
I enjoy reading about the town in which I live. I grabbed a book yesterday titled, 'Pattern of the Past,' a Kenosha memoir, written by Sarah Whittaker Peters. Little did I realize until I got home and opened the book that it was about the family who had owned this very house I lived in. I knew some of the history of the people who once lived here but details were few, Unfortunately, due to a scandal caused by the man who owned this lovely home and was also Sarah's grandfather, relatives destroyed papers, notes, pictures, everything they could find to try to mitigate the uglies. Alas, Peters and I are curious. What little we know and what Peters found is in newspapers. Nathan Allen Jr., along with his brother Charles, were the big cheeses of the Allen Tannery

The hideous building in background. Thankfully, no longer there.

 which was started by their father. Nathan really wasn't much into the business, although he was the treasurer. He liked nice things, especially art and started collecting paintings (later learned to be reproductions or done by artist's assistants) He also liked to keep women, one in particular, a woman who lived in New York. Apparently, this woman was ticked off by something Nathan may or may not have done and as scorned women have done through out history she snitched on him, claiming he smuggled (what?) into the country. Peters still cannot find out what he smuggled in, but, money makes things go away. He paid huge fines for his indiscretion and poor brother Charles, not able to forget, took a header out a New York hotel window. Nathan somehow prevailed and lived a long and prosperous life. His obituary made no mention of dirty laundry. Peter's notes in the book her visits to Grandma and Grandpa Allen's house. She describes the rooms as small and dark She loved Grandfather's library which was right near the staircase, and the third floor ballroom where Grandma Allen kept huge black trunks filled with ballgowns the girls had permission to play in.

Unfortunately I can only imagine what this house looked like since many an asshole has torn away the beauty and "remodeled" most of it.

The house, today

 In my apartment the molding, windows, doors and knobs are still original. Such detail and craftsmanship that seems to have been lost.

Even if you have no ties to this town, it's still an interesting read (Amazon.com) about those who lived an affluent life here and loved this town just as I do.

*Read PDF  about Charles' New York flight.