Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm on Google Maps!

Hey, remember when I told ya I saw the Google car driving by? Jeez, that was almost two years ago. A buddy texted me yesterday and said they saw me! I'm famous! It's pretty cool and no, I won't tell you where. I was getting something out of a friend's car and look like crap.

Anyway, still mad at the pundits on FOX who noted people who want insurance feel entitled. ENTITLED!! How dare they expect to have an opportunity to see a doctor or get medicine to treat a child or even old gramps. I am truly sickened by these inhumane creeps who have no talent other than trying to be shit head of the century.

Happy birthday, Grumpy. I know most people don't get you. It's okay.

The elders had Mickey Rooney. The youngers had Peaches Geldolf. Who do we have, boomers? Marcia Brady??

One more thing. One of my favorite sites on Earthcam. The falcon cam in Waukegan, Illinois. I don't see baby killer birds yet.

Monday, April 7, 2014


So, according to closed captioning, Milky Rooney died yesterday. He was weird, but a mighty fine actor.

Hmmm... another FB rant. There is this guy who wanted to follow me for some reason. He's a big advocate for legalizing marijuana which leads me to believe he partakes in various doobies. He had a post, one of those over the counter things stinking up FB. He hates Obama and claims the President doesn't follow rules, tends to break the law...
HELLOOOOO! Can you spell hypocrite?
It's been a weird week-end. I tuned in to see a NASCAR race which never happened so I watched people of whom I myself would never be seen with and awed over their house sized trailers. THEN, I tuned into soccer to see the Chicago Fire play some other team and they tied and I don't know what that means.

The truth is, I was packing. Finally moving into the place I've been oohing over for years. So happy for me. No more moving! Hate it.

Guess that's it. I want to slap some conservatives around who want Obamacare to fail. They say it's so wrong, but don't state why. Brit Hume, the Cheney chick. Be quiet.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Say F#@%&*+ Amen

Here's the difference between blogger and my experience on Facebook. I don't know the fber's, although most are family or related to family. We agree on nothing, unless there is video of cute animals. I've seen the words,,"prayer"and "Jesus" more then I did under the guidance from the Sisters of the Perpetual Immolation. I posted one of my poems, the last one I did for The Mag. The magpies seemed to have enjoyed it. I think I received one comment on fb which read, "Wow. "What the frickety frack does that mean. Facebook does not bring those together who think alike. Anyhoo, I tried to share mythical monkey's post about him writing a Marx Brothers Bio.I cannot wait! Seems to make my children's book about poo and poo poo insignificant. The difference however is that bloggers understand the need for books and writing and art and striving. I know facebookers are praying to Jesus right now. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Down

What say ye? You have no excuse having Christmas decorations up on April 2nd.Unless you slipped and fell over your gift from cousin Ralph who bought you slippers with giant reindeer heads that glow when you walk, and you are now lying on the bathroom floor, stuck between the toilet and sink. No other excuses will suffice.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seven Million Up

Hey,kids! Can't stay long. 7 million, doubters. Eat that Boehner That reminds me of the commercial where animated mom is depressed and needs a little prozac helper I love how dad and son watch her every move as if she's gonna go off the rails any minute. Ha ha! Okay, so much for nutty humor about nuts. Good going Mr President. The poor and pitiful might just have a chance. Although, if you are poor, being healthy may be a bitch. Later, kids.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hope for Marmite?

We did not have yogurt in our house when I was a young lass.It was some foreign delicacy eaten by nomads in the foreign parts of ...somewhere. I do recall those old commercials where they pointed out Abdul?the goat herder ate the stuff every day and that is why he's 123years old. I was hooked but mom still wouldn't buy it,so,I had to wait til I got out on my own before I could try it. Loved it. Then, Greek yogurt came along My first go was not a success. The stuff tasted like that paste kids used to use in kindergarten. But, I persevered and now love it. I've been slurping Chobani. Lately there seems to be an issue with consistancy. Either it's soupy or very thick like wall plaster. What's up with that? Anyhoo, perhaps it's time to try marmite.again .. See, I was eating Mayo the other day and pondered whether I really like the stuff or had I been tongue washed into believing it really is tasty. So, that has been on my mind. I know. Someone's gotta worry about such things. Speaking of worry ...don't fret if you don't hear from me for awhile. Busy, busy, and Blogger is behaving badly again. No comments can I give to you. Also, sorry for sloppy post. It's on my mobile. Where only people with tiny fingers can type. See ya around the bend.

Monday, March 17, 2014

If it Quacks...

Do you plan on seeing the movie, 'Noah,' "inspired" by a famous book, the Bible? Wonder what the dialogue would be if a modern Noah told his wife he was going to build a great big boat and collect a male and female of all the species in the world?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What the hell are you up to now, Noah? Is that a squirrel in my kitchen cabinet?"

"The flood's coming. I heard voices last night telling me to get ready. Can you tell if that's a woman squirrel, or, a man squirrel, dear?"

"You heard voices? How come these voices never tell you to mow the lawn, or, clean out the gar....Aaaahhhh, what is that!?"

"It's the Dells' Ducks. Gonna use them to gather up the animals, two by two. Larry's coming by with a net later. Said he was gonna catch something. Can you head over to Piggly Wiggly and buy some canned goods, then go over to Farm and Fleet and grab 500 tons of grain, corn, and a nice slicker for the deluge to come?"

"Suuuuuuure, hun. Here comes Larry with that net. Just stay calm, dear. It's going to be just fine. Juuuust fine."