Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tweaking Tweets

Um, I'm scratching my head over this one. Why is Kaci Hickox so adamant over refusing a 21 day quarantine? I just think it's common sense to just make sure you are healthy. She claims to know all about Ebola, so is not worried at all that she may be infected or infected someone else. Why take such a chance? Really, you can't spend twenty-one days in isolation?

Fireplace Fairy (Fairycide)

She headed right towards that fire. Sorry, kid, but ya learned the lesson early.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Halloween and Googlify!

This googlify is pretty neat. Just choose between a fun, or scary scene to one of your own photos. It does all the rest.


"Bless me father for I will sin. It has been thirty odd years since my last confession. This is hard to say father but I do not plan on voting this coming Tuesday. It will be the first time I have chosen this decision, and yes, with much trepidation. I just cannot with a true conscience vote for people who make me want to hurl. Sorry, father, I will try to keep my language clean as a nun's fingernails. I have thought long and hard over this matter but how can I go in that voting booth and pick the better of the worst!? I am so sick of the lies on both sides- so disgusted with spinning of facts, confusing citizens, so enraged with stupid ads that try to make the other candidate look like a fool. Hey, I finally saw Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lt. Governor! Oh, back to the confession. Well, there really isn't much more to say. I'm sure you will say that it is my duty as a citizen to vote otherwise I am the problem, right, father? I know. This is why I come to you. I promise in the future I shall get back in line, but just this once.... Father? Hello? Oh, it's Bingo night? Alright, I will punish my self then. I will read one Glenn Beck book and two Ann Coulter books. I think that is punishment enough. Anyway, I'm sorry, but I just can't do it in good faith. Signing off, your fair weather friend."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I C 8

Must be me. I just cannot find anything of interest to write about. Harumph.

Been reading, 'Sundays at Eight.' What a terrific book. I'm lazy so I shall copy this bit of  information from

'For the last 25 years, Sunday nights at 8pm on C-SPAN has been appointment television for many Americans. During that time, host Brian Lamb has invited people to his Capitol Hill studio for hour-long conversations about contemporary society and history. In today’s soundbite culture that hour remains one of television’s last vestiges of in-depth, civil conversation.

First came C-SPAN’s Booknotes in 1989, which by the time it ended in December 2004, was the longest-running author-interview program in American broadcast history. Many of the most notable nonfiction authors of its era were featured over the course of 800 episodes, and the conversations became a defining hour for the network and for nonfiction writers.

In January 2005, C-SPAN embarked on a new chapter with the launch of Q and A. Again one hour of uninterrupted conversation but the focus was expanded to include documentary film makers, entrepreneurs, social workers, political leaders and just about anyone with a story to tell.

To mark this anniversary Lamb and his team at C-SPAN have assembled Sundays at Eight, a collection of the best unpublished interviews and stories from the last 25 years. Featured in this collection are historians like David McCullough, Ron Chernow and Robert Caro, reporters including April Witt, John Burns and Michael Weisskopf, and numerous others, including Christopher Hitchens, Brit Hume and Kenneth Feinberg.

In a March 2001 Booknotes interview 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt described the show’s success this way: “All you have to do is tell me a story.” This collection attests to the success of that principle, which has guided Lamb for decades. And his guests have not disappointed, from the dramatic escape of a lifelong resident of a North Korean prison camp, to the heavy price paid by one successful West Virginia businessman when he won $314 million in the lottery, or the heroic stories of recovery from the most horrific injuries in modern-day warfare. Told in the series’ signature conversational manner, these stories come to life again on the page. Sundays at Eight is not merely a token for fans of C-SPAN’s interview programs, but a collection of significant stories that have helped us understand the world for a quarter-century.'

I've just read a few stories so far. 'Escape from Camp 14,' by Blaine Harden is fascinating. As is, 'Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America,' written by Michael Dobbs.

It is wonderful to read the writer's own take on his book and the subject he is writing about.

I wanted to scream at Crystal Wright and Bob Ney.

Reading Christopher Hitchens talk about his cancer was just heartbreaking. Here was a man who loved life to the fullest and was not going to give up his fight. Just so wonderful and sad.

So maybe I will read more about Crystal Wright and tell you why she pisses me off.

I do like a good pisser offer. In the meantime, Sundays at Eight is a terrific book.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My, My, Miz Thingy

I do like my talky box, although I never did see this show with Hunny Boo- boo and Mama June. I did hear rumors that Mama June is dating a child molester so the show has now been cancelled.

Well, hell, good thing we got our priorities straight!

Okay, I watch Dr. Phil on occasion so I can't point fingers at the people who watch crap like the above mentioned, uh, crap. Dr. Phil had on this young man who has fooled a bunch a folks into believing he was a doctor, lawyer, writer... Oh, wait, that's Dr. Phil's spiel.

"I've been doing this for 35 years."

Oh, shut up you arrogant.....

Uh, what? Our Cheddarhead Gov says the bald spot on his head is due to hitting his head on a kitchen cabinet.

Lordy, lordy.

Once in awhile I will write/email a writer I have found inspiring. I wrote a nice little compliment to Melissa Fay Greene. Apparently I had sent it to the wrong email, one she no longer uses. I did get a reply back stating she no longer uses that address, so send my comment to her new one. And then she wrote, "I will not read it."


Anyhoo, heard penguins aren't really that picky about who they make love to. Seems they will have coitus with dead penguins.

Say, here's a nice shot of S.F.

See ya, kids.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ooooh, That Basil


Fraudster pretended to be in a coma for TWO YEARS to avoid court over £40,000 scam but was caught walking around Tesco after police traced him using loyalty card 

  • Alan Knight scammed neighbour out of £40,000 but refused to go to court
  • For two years he claimed to be quadriplegic and even pretended to be in a vegetative state with no movement from the neck down
  • But he was caught by police going on shopping trips and holiday with family
  • Had been living off benefits after claiming he suffered massive neck injury
  • CCTV showed him walking around Tesco and driving his car to Dorset
  • He admitted 19 charges of forgery, fraud and theft over more than a year 
  • Judge calls Knight a 'very accomplished and determined actor' saying that he was 'nothing like in the condition he claims to be'

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Sticks and Stones

I rarely have a plan when I sit down to write a post. Sometimes I think the night before that I have to write about so and so but by morning that thought has floated away to the brain dust bin.

I'm still thinking of something awesome to write about today, but in the meantime time I would like to be as superficial as all those people online who have made Renee Zwellinger, Zellweather... go viral.

It's her eyes! And do you know why she changed her squishy eyes? Because morons made her feel bad. I thought she was lovely in a wonky kind of way. It was what made her Renee. Now, she looks like a blonde person.

Sticks and stones will break your bones and yes, names will hurt you, no matter what the nuns from The Sisters of Lesbos have said to me in the past.

Stay tuned....

I may have a fabulous post coming up. : }

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Tis the season... where Thingy's nose runs like a broken faucet. Drip, drip. Why can't someone invent something for that? I thought of just sticking a bag under my nose for drippings. I'm tired of soggy tissue in my lady purse. So annoying. Especially when I pull out the wad with change to give to the big eyed clerk.


"This is a beautifully written piece. You have a way with words."

Well, this is the nicest rejection I have received in a long time. I really don't send too many of my stuff out to be published. It's already here, published for all the world to see, for free. Yeah, that's a problem on my part. Me and Bono, so generous, until Bono backed off and sniveled like a sniveling sniveler.



So, went to pumpkin farm over week-end. A tad cold. (see results, above) This was on a real farm where the pumpkins are grown right there! Big sis said she also went to a pumpkin farm and the whole thing is getting so commercialized. They shipped in their pumpkins and had mechanical minions or something that broke after so many turns.

Ah, hell, Halloween is becoming like Christmas. What happened to grabbing a brown bag from yer Ma's stack and just trolling for sweets? Yeah, yeah, no more brown bags. Ya can't get away with a little charcoal on yer face and a hobo bag.

Okay, Thingy signing off. I'll be over ta Bingo Palace if ya want me.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged!

Do you believe in ghosts? I usually say no, but I look around to see if any misty apparitions are around when I say that. I have to admit, ever since I have moved into my old house, I've been getting weird vibes and worse, something feeling me up. The first time this happened, I had been sleeping when I startled awake, although, I wasn't sure if I was in a dream/awake state. It's one of those awful moments where I want to move, but cannot. Then I feel something press against my back. I am trying so hard to push it away but can't move. It is such an awful feeling.

The next incident occurred when I was reading a book in my comfy chair and felt someone touch my shoulder.

The last eerie event happened when I was going into the kitchen and felt something brush past me.

I don't want my beautiful home to become a place I dread. I just want the thing to go away.

Okay, you? Make like a tree and leave.