Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh, Auntie Em!

 Oh, hey there. Been on a vacay. Nothing like sitting in a car for nine hours, looking at trees and rocks. Headed to the East coast to visit the matriarch of the family. After rest, another seven hours to reach our destination.

 It sure is clean on the roads. No garbage sharing space with the wildflowers. Then, heading back it was just as lovely until we hit Indiana. Besides the litter lining the highways, it was slo-mo until we got out of Chi-town. Great, but I'm glad to be back.

 Can it really be true Hillary and numnuts are in a close race? Just so hard to fathom. Plenty of lawn signs for Trump, although, I have not seen one sign for Clinton. Is it me or does Bill look weak and tired? Hmmm... Scary.

 Murder hits too close to home. My niece's cousin was murdered by a bastard who lured her into thinking he was a good Samaritan when he offered her a ride after she got a flat tire. I don't know all the details except family called police to let them know she was missing when she didn't return home. Because of her past with drugs and run ins with police, they didn't take seriously her family's concern. It wasn't until days later a woman called 911, whispering to dispatcher that she was being held captive. The creep was asleep and she had managed to get his phone. When police arrived (according to sources, 20 minutes later) they found the woman. The serial killer eventually led them to three bodies. Unfortunately, my niece's cousin was one of the murdered. Just an awful, horrible incident.

Let's end this on a bright note. What could be cooler than a cat and a horse as friends.

Well, what the hell. Guess it's not so weird. Went to Youtube and found a plethora of cats and horses being chummy. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Old School

Hey, Hillary, do ya think you and your crew can stop lying? It's bad enough we have to deal with Mr psycho, I just want some truthiness, ok? You knew Friday you were suffering from pneumonia. Why the secrecy? So old school. Time to woman up. We are in big doo doo, America.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ain't No Global Warming!

The hottest summer on record, they say? I do believe, I do believe. Here's how I know.

1) Thingy has fun with a fungi. (They are all over the place!!)

2) Thingy sweats like a sprinkler.

3) Queen Anne's Lace is blooming.

4) This is Denali in Alaska.

So, I may be wrong about #4. It's hard to tell with all this sweat in my eyes. I mean, glow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wanting To Let Go

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It's the accident I can't seem to look away from. I know I must once again push that 'delete' button. Eventually...

Especially after I saw the photo that nearly had me. Such an innocuous image of neighbors from the hood, hugging and smiling. So, why would this picture bring back such ugly memories for me? The me, who hid in my room and listened to the Beatles, Carol King, The Stones, anything that made me not think of where I was. I was a loner by choice, I always thought, although, it may have been an autonomous rejection from my peers. I'm not sure which came first, my voluntary exile, or will-less children bound together by circumstance.

That feeling of being lost, a drifter, a loser, has dissipated over the years, nearly melted away by the many good things that have come my way.

Yet, that one image brought it all back of how much I was left alone to live in my own thoughts, to build rage and hold in grief so profound I am still afraid to let go.

I felt again for the twelve year who did not understand and the me now cried for her.

I really do hate Facebook.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weiners and Wackadoodles

I'm sort of in a fuddle in the morning. I don't remember what I was thinking about this morning, probably trying to solve the crisis of world hunger, or, picking up that piece of tissue from the floor that's been there for two days, when I nearly started to brush my armpit with hairbrush whilst I held deodorant in other hand. It was close, let me tell you.

So, what does that mean regarding the rest of my day? You know, I do it, you probably do it. The beginning of our day marks the rest of the day as either, "It's gonna be a great day!" or, "I'm going to have an awful day."

Anyway, just stuff to ponder, such as, Huma finally leaving the weiner. What took so long, girl!?

Ryan Lochte, you are an asshole.

Debtors' prison, what the hell? I thought that was some Dickensian horror tale. Still happening, right here in America, folks. A woman had to serve 35 days for bouncing a $29 check.

Come on, have I passed through a dimension? Donald Trump's 'doctor' is a wackadoodle.

Well, I'm guessing this is a day of wacky. I hope I live through it.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Perky People Prevail

I needed something to read and it had been sitting on the library shelf, staring at me. I'm not sure why I was hesitant at first on reading, 'Keep Moving,' by Dick van Dyke. Perhaps it is his aaw shucks, style.

But, after reading book.  I've come to admire the guy. He lives life to the fullest. He will be 91 in December and will most likely have many more years to go.

So, why? Why does he carry on, happy, healthy ( married to someone 46 years younger) and productive?

I thought of other famous people who are living into their 90's, still moving on.

Betty White- 94

Carl Reiner- 94 (with Goldie Hawn, who I'm sure will be in the club.)

Doris Day- 92

They are perky people. Like van Dyke's book title, they keep moving. They have all had traumatic experiences in their lives, just like we mortals. They are not angels, nor are they infallible.

So, why them, I ask myself, (and you)

One me thinks is, genes. van Dyke owns up to this. Good genes. They also take care of themselves and have a purpose in their lives. Day and White with their love of animals. Reiner and van Dyke, their need to make funny.

It's also their personality. They are just happy people. They find the good, the funny, the simple in life. van Dyke sings and dances whilst he does the grocery shopping.

My aunties lived into their 90's as well.

I can only hope to be a part of the Perky Club.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Is She One of Us?"

 I was standing in line at the bank, waiting for the only teller, who was speaking to a woman who appeared rawther odd looking, even for a Wisconsinite. She was very tall, wore overalls, with flip flops. She had the strangest hair style, and yeah, Wisconsin wimmen do have some weird looking hair styles, though this one was quite exceptional.

 Eventually, teller waves me up to counter whilst friend continues to talk. Then it looks as if friend wants to include me in on conversation. She kept looking at me as if I should also respond, which I did with a smile, although it was hard trying to look composed as friend had no eyebrows. It's hard to look at someone with no eyebrows and carry a nonchalant pose. I tried, although, her tale was about how tired she was because she couldn't sleep last night so she decided to fix the brakes on her car. Yes, you heard me. Fix breaks on car, which is a wonderful thing for a woman to know how to do. Um, two o'clock in the morning seems like an interesting time, however, but whatever floats yer boat, I says all the time.

 As we finally finish with transaction, and I start to walk away, I hear friend ask teller pal if I am one of them. Yeah, she said, "Is she one of us?" Wow. What could that mean? A teller, perhaps? A mechanic? An insomniac? An alien? It certainly had me pondering. In any event it was quite a start to my morning. And, no, I am not a sleepless mechanic/teller/alien.

I have my eyebrows.

Monday, August 22, 2016

You May Dreads It

I guess I'm behind the times when it comes to moving going. I just viewed, 10 Cloverfield Lane the other night. It was pretty good. Aliens and crazy eyed John Goodman is a good combo.

I also saw the movie, 'Hello, My Name is Doris,' starring Sally Field and Max Greenfield. Sally can do no wrong in my opinion, but Greenfield didn't seem right for the role. He seemed too normal, and Doris is not exactly normal. So, I sit, thinking who else could have played the part of the young co-worker Doris falls in lust/love?

Also, saw, 'The Walk.' Such a terrific movie. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays the part of real life daredevil, Philippe Petit, who thinks it's a good idea to walk between the World Trade Towers. Suspenseful and beautiful to look at.

And, I think I mentioned, 'Everest.' Yeah, well, I don't see a lot of movies that are after 1954.It was ho-hum. Read beck Weather's book instead.

Ooooh, ouch. Looks like, 'Ben Hur,' is a loser. I did see a preview. I couldn't get past seeing Morgan Freeman in dreads.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump is Awesome!

He's a genius. This is why the guy can spend his own money, to be king of America.

Yet... oh, he is so diabolical. Can't you see? He has no intention of wanting to be leader. His plan is to make the GOP look so sorry, so out of date, so un-hip, the world will have to take notice, as will the Ryans and the Christies and all the wanna be wall builders. He wants to show how stone cold people's hearts can be.

He plans to quit very soon and that someone who will take his place will have morals and values and not a tin heart. There must be one Republican to fit that bill. Trump will show us. He will. He will. So clever.

It's how I must think. Because the alternative is just too frightening.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Bum Life

Hello! If you want to comment, I've gone back to Blogger. Those reading from Google + probably won't see replies. I wish Google would combine the two.

Anyway... let me tell you about some of the folks in my hood.

Today I saw an old man, who was wearing a bright orange shirt and cap come out of the bushes of an elegant, but abandoned building. He stood in the park, looking towards Main street for about five minutes then walked back to his bush.

I saw a fifty-ish man trying to ride a scooter. He was in the bike lane, well, most of the time. He kept switching legs and it seemed to be a struggle for him. Scooters are made for young legs.

I saw a young lady with hair up to there and shorts WAY up to there, talking on her cell phone to someone about her man.

I saw a young boy, perhaps, twelve, thirteen, begging for money in front of the dollar store. He looked well fed, with clean clothes, and I was amused at first for some reason. Later I was disturbed and angry. Why is this young kid doing this?

I saw an old couple come out of the grocery store, the old woman wearing shoes which made her look and walk like Frankenstein's monster. The old man placed groceries in the trunk whilst the lady sat in the passenger seat. When he opened her door to hand her something I could hear her bitching at old man. Reminded me of my Gram.

Just another day in the hood.