Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tut, Tut

I've been pondering for quite some time on whether I am guilty of breaking some priceless/sentimental object in the past, then trying to fix it.

I came to the conclusion I'm more of a sneak than anything. I usually break and run/hide the evidence.

But this, this is beyond the pale. Poor King Tut. His beard was a bit wonky. Actually some dudes at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo were cleaning Tut for a showing and knocked off his beard. Oh what to do, what to do?! Yeah, they glued it back on.

Let's have a moment of silence and think about that.


They also scratched the king's golden shroud whilst scraping off excess glue. Oh, the infamy....

Won't be the last time someone tries to do the job themselves. I'm sure it happens every day in many a household.

There was Chinese vase that once belonged to Emperor Qianlong which turned up on an antiques show that had been made into a lamp.

People, people.

Two words.

Duct tape.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fooled Around and Faux in Love

Oh brother.

An app. where you can create your very own boyfriend/girlfriend. For a price, of course. For $25 a month, you will be sent texts and selfies of your pretender. The idea behind this is to get mama off your back, or just to make you feel good.

Really!!?? This would make someone feel good?

For my dream boy I infused George Clooney and Bob Dylan.

Text me, dumpling.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Throw Back, Altogether

To be young, and so unhappy. I think this was the beginning of my depression. Just hated my fat self. Hated the dress. Me: third from left)

Weird, Grant Me Calm

Somebody, tell a joke...

I am still in a pissy mood today. So sorry. It's not really about the Packer loss, but more about the comments.... Lol. %&^$. Gotta stop harping on that.

Anyway, I had to grab some movies and tune out reality. The first one I stuck in the talky box player was, RED, with Bruce Willis.

Um, what? I could not suspend reality for this. A woman gets kidnapped, then helps the kidnapper because I assume he was so charming. Um, yeah. Then John Malkovich in another idiotic character portrayal. I didn't even get to Helen Mirren. Had to shut it off.

On to... Gravity, which I saw in 3-D, the first time. Still good without the 3-D, even though I wore my 3-D glasses for the hell of it.

I also grabbed, 'Arsenic and Old Lace,' with Cary Grant, but have not watched yet. I need Cary when I'm feeling blue, yet, I'm afraid I'll find blame with him simply because of the way I feel. Later, Cary, later....

Dreamed of my ex last night. Stay out of my dreams, dickwad....
This is weird... Read a book, (second go 'round) Story with some historical facts about my town. The street names had been changed to numbers in the 20's, and the book's story evolves around the 1919, so I Googled to see what the new streets had been. Oddly enough, I lived on, and now near the street once names, Milwaukee Avenue. In my yoot, I lived by Milwaukee Avenue. I fell out of my Daddy's car onto Milwaukee Avenue when I was four or five. I used that road many a time in my life. Just so weird how I am still connected to that road.

So, some of these kiddie winkle books I read to my grand-daughter are really odd. Beside the classics, Cat in the Hat, Dumbo, blah, blah, there are quite a few new books that are just as weird and tantalizing, such as, 'Tuesday,' a lovely illustrated book (David Wiesner) of frogs flying in the air. No words, so meemaw gottta get creative with verbiage. Maybe it doesn't matter. Moon Pie loves it.

Don't tell, but I did keep a Christmas present for myself. It's the children's book, 'Snowmen at Night.'  (Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner) So cute, and oddly makes me calm as I look at the images.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ella Lou and Johnny (redux)

This poem is an oldie, written in 2011 for Magpie. Just changing the image.

Johnny grew up praying before Jesus on the wall,
knew dirty thoughts was sinnin', the devil watched it all-
afraid to love a woman, the price to pay too deep.
untouched, alone, the scars upon his soul, who will ever weep?
She told him he was funny, liked the way he told a joke,
he kneeled before the silence, to nothing this he spoke,
"Let me love another human, without fear of retribution,
give me a life worth living, send me a solution."

Ella Lou had known four "daddies" before the age of six,
 knew life without illusions, as her mother performed her tricks-
they groped and pawed the child, lies whispered in her ear,
kicked out of mother's hell kitchen, in her fifteenth year,
defiled, alone, the scars upon her soul, who will ever weep?
she dreamed of soft caresses, only in her sleep.
She never knew a man like him, the one who made her smile,
she wished to break her chains round heart, if only for awhile.

Two hard school knocked survivors, clinging to a hope,
clawing for existence, hanging on to their life's rope,
walk through the door, and don't look back, they throw away the past
together, wounds are mended, true love is found at last.

Not One Word, Not One Frickin'....

Do Not Even Mention Them!....

Ya know what is pissing me off today? What is so funny about a staged sing-a-long, with cop singing a Taylor Swift song? It's propaganda, folks. Merely a moment to try and distract you from cops who like to intimidate...

And, WTF!! You people who choose to drive on fricking ice, then slide into a 20,50, 90, 1,000 car pile-up!?

"Gee, officer, I don't know what happened. I was just going twenty over the speed limit of 75 and texting, whilst on this dude's tail.."

Oh wait. No cops, cause they're staging faux fanciful bullshit.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sister Time

Haven't heard from Max yet... Kind of a slow day. Nothing but Packers, Packers, Packers in Cheddarland. I do like that cheese has been unofficially banned in Seattle. I ban fish.

Anyway, went to lunch with big sister yesterday. I had a lovely time. We don't talk about the past too much. I think she has made some inner pact to just forget it all. I do wish we could talk about the times we did have together, those weird instances such as the time our little sister stopped breathing. My big sister stood next to me and prayed as I went a little hysterical. Or, the times we watched old westerns on a wonky TV, the volume on low because it was a school night. Saturdays we danced to music on Dick Clark's, 'Bandstand.'

We don't have to talk about the old days, sister. Just glad you are here, in the present.

Now, about those Packers....

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where Are You, Max Moran?

I hope this article comes through and you read it. It's depressing, yet, inspiring and beautiful. I hope this young man found a way out. There is an artist by the name of max Moran, but I don't think it's the same person. I found this story in a truly depressing book about poor people in America. After reading this and Ralph Ellison, I had to stop.

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Little Elegance, Don't Fuhgeddaboudit

Two great books I want to tell you about...

The first was given to me by a friend who said she enjoyed it at first, then started to dislike it in the middle bits, then absolutely HATED it in the end.

Well, I adored it. I LOVED it! The book is, 'The Elegance of a Hedgehog,' written by Muriel Burbery. It has nothing to do with a hedgehog. It has everything to do with life. That's all I want to say. I know most of the readers who stop by my blog don't care for some of my reading choices, so I'll leave it at that.

But, if you love New York, you will enjoy, 'A History of New York in 101 Objects,' written by Sam Roberts. Just a fun read. I love the story of Washington Irving posting fake adverts in a number of N.Y. newspapers, claiming a man by the last name of 'Knickerbocker' had gone missing and possibly had left a draft which would be sold if Mr. Knickerbocker did not show up to pay his rent. Of course, there was no such person, only Irving trying to get out a book. How very clever.