Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Patricia

Her sisters called her Birdy,
an ethereal presence, born.
her social graces were woven
in golden tatters worn.
She flew away from lovers,
let fly brood from the nest
stored stones upon her hearth
these bones to live in loneliness.

They gathered for the feast,
the two to dwell as one.
Missing from such regale
 was mother to thy son.
Luna kissed lightly from above
as dancers bowed and swayed,
centered in their essentia
eyes lost to feathered one.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Americans Do What They Want

I do not get it. I waited weeks to get this book from the library. I finally found one in the big print section. The Girl on the Train sucks, sucks, sucks.

Okay, it's not that bad, but, a best seller!? Sheeeiiiittt. Nope. No surprise in the whodunit. I'm so sick of these women drunken characters who seem to be the new flavor in books. Jeez, read Agatha Christie if you want something halfway decent.


I had a long wait for the bus at Meijer so I counted cars. Well, I counted cars that didn't stop for a stop sign. I will admit there doesn't seem to be any reason for this stop sign. Nonetheless, it's a big sign that says, STOP. So, what were my results? I wish I could tell you but I left my results at home. I can tell you more people rolled through than stopped. More people drove right through than stopped. Slightly more women than men stopped/rolled and three, I say, THREE cars made a complete stop. 

What does this mean? I dunno know.

Image source:kwhykwhy.tublr.com

I'm glad I'm not a Syrian. I wish I wasn't an American right now. I'm ashamed of my country.


Speaking of maps... : ) I just read a book about a man who stole maps.

I love maps. They don't have to be the fancy kind Forbes Smiley III stole from libraries. I like plain old road maps.


Pssst. This is between you and me. I bought the latest season of Big Bang Theory. I'm going home right now to have me a marathon of Sheldon and the gang.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For Shame, Governor Walker!

South CarolinaNo0R57
North CarolinaNo11R56
New HampshireNo0D48


Wow. Charlie Sheen. You have seen it happen many times. They soar so high they touch the sun and burn.

What bothers me about Sheen revealing he is HIV positive is the fact that he paid people to be quiet about his illness.


Yes, I have seen them.

People already decorating their domains in Christmas cheer. 

Perhaps not a bad thing this year. We need some positive spirit.


Where are you now, Spider-man? Geez, I had to sit through an awful Spider-Man movie, 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Not a fan of any of these hero type movies. Andrew Garfield is one of those people who can be cute one moment and wonky looking the next.

Very strange.

Paris could have used you, Spidey.


I will never understand this opposition to humans wanting refuge in another country. Just breaks my heart to see people turned away. 


I visited a family member who lives in an upscale town.

Her town
No hobos loitering, no garbage wheeling down the sidewalks like tumbleweed. It was nice.

My town

Yet, I had to smile when I came home and walked behind the grown man wearing a Snoopy backpack, and watch the woman struggle with her many bags whilst wearing Christmas pajamas.

Yeah, I'm home.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hello, Dearies

Hello, dearies. Been some time since posting. Oh, no, I'm becoming one of those! The bloggers who post once a month, or annually. Waaaaaah!

So sad about France. That is our life now, dearies. Really nothing to say in an upbeat way. It is the sign of the times.

But, let's get off the blues train and head over to the M Train. I love Patti Smith. I have always been a fan. I found a autographed book, 'The M Train, in Anderson's bookstore. What a great read. She is one unique lady.

Short post, but I promise I'll be back. Soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Spot(s)

70 degrees in Cheddarland. Am I complaining? Nope. I'm walking.

Yes, my legs are that long.

My spot

Also, my spot.

Good day. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Promise

Obviously, I was feeling rawther depressed yesterday. I just had to go and read the news. Sigh....

So, instead of dwelling on Ohioans who choose to smoke pot in their hidey holes, and Texans, who are, well, Texans, and Kentuckians, who, yeah, let's move on.

I found a great book yesterday, 'The Reading Promise,' by Alice Ozma. Ozma was raised by her weird Dad after Mom left him. Alice stayed with Dad. They both disagree on how the reading promise began but for nine years, starting when Alice was nine and til the day she left for college, Dad read to her. The minimum time was ten minutes and they must complete the session before midnight.

Somehow they managed. This is really a lovely story, really not about the books at all but how books became their connection.

Just add it to your books to read.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Don't Read if Your Day is Going Well

Is it weird to cry over a dream- one where the events never happened in real life, yet I mourn for a loss that never was?


I'm just so depressed over the news. All news. Sometimes, I found it incredible to believe how barbaric people still can be.


My almost three year old granddaughter carries her bucket of Halloween candy as if it were the Crown Jewels.


Gahd, don't you hate it when you see a used diaper "placed" in a store parking lot? Is it really too much trouble to dump it in nearest garbage bin, you scum sucking life takers?


70 degrees in Wisconsin. I'm afraid.


This is not a whine or rant to bloggers. It is a rant towards family members who have not bought my book. Like, what the fuck? Have you spent six years of your life writing some of the most painful and or, funny, amusing, silly, dark words and then pull your hair out because you are the worst editor ever, yet you carry on and finally, finally, you publish a book. A BOOK! Albeit, still an amateur work, but, seriously, you really can't buy the book? Pffffft you!


LOL. I think Sue J's Blog has been taken over. I get crazy posts in some sort of weird language. Sad to see bloggers go. Ah, well.

And let us hope tomorrow's news is groovy.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

In The Dark

I enjoy looking in the book boxes around town. Sometimes, I find some good reads. And sometimes... I find something like this. It's titled, 'Finding the True Self.' Seon Mountain Monk, Jinje, will answer all your questions so you may be further enlightened. Jinje is the high seon monk of the Korean Jogye Order.

Here is a little something to wrap your head around... In a monastery, there lived a cat. The monks on the east side claimed it was their cat. The monks on the west claimed it to be their cat. There was so much fighting going on the Sunim had to intervene. He called all the monks together, plus the cat. (Wow, if he could do that, he is enlightened) He held up the cat and said, "I shall cut this cat in two unless I hear the way that will save him." The monks started to yell, "He's our cat." Whereby, poor kitty was cut in two.

Later that evening a monk who had been running errands and not privy to the day's earlier get together asked the Sunim what had happened. The Sunim gave him the same question, The young monk thought for a bit, then took off his sandals and placed them on his head.

"Ah, you have answered the question correctly. Too bad you were not here earlier." (No shit)

Well, are you enlightened? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Am I Cynical or Just Bad-Ass?

Am I a cynic if my cynical thoughts about a certain someone come true, or, am I a bad-ass profiler?

My friend introduced me to her friend and her friend's husband. I liked her right away. Him, I detested. He is what I consider a controller. He wants his house- immaculate, his wife- thin, his children-quiet... You have met the type I'm sure. Naturally, she did all the work. He played with his guitar and pretended to be a rock star.

So, I told my friend how I thought and as usual, she shook her head and called me a negative person. She said I see the bad, not the good in people. No matter how I try to convince her otherwise, she will always believe this of me, even when my profiling abilities blossom like that big stinky plant that spews forth once a year.

Yes, my friend's friend finally had enough of the controller. Apparantly after their last fight where he again threatened divorce she called his bluff, got a lawyer and served him notice. I was relieved. I actually clapped my hands when I heard the news. My friend said everything was cool between them. Cynical me said otherwise.

Yes, again my super power won out and my friend is eerily silent after recent events. Seems the controller is now texting his soon to be ex at least thirty times a day. She had to get backup when she went to move her things out of the house. (She is giving him the house)

Is this the end? Hell no. They have two gorgeous daughters. Do I worry? Damn right I do.

Is that cynical?