Thursday, July 31, 2014

What We Are Granted

Everybody, sing!

Ooooooh, ambien, alcohol, acetaminophen and helium,
salvia, ketamine, methadone and vitamins.
Makes us fine, to stay in line,
makes us sane, we all feel fine.
Oooooooh, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Africa,
Philippines, Mozambique, Ukraine, Iraq-again.
Men at war, missiles kill,
shoot the children, all is still.
Oooooooh, Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium Perfingens,
E-Coli, E-Bola, chicken pox and autism.
Wash your hands, cover your mouth,
get Obamacare, head for the South.
Ooooooooh, microburst, macroburst, haboob and waterspouts,
hurricanes, sinkholes, winds that sound like midnight trains.
Take a picture, post on Youtube, then run for shelter,
build a boat, totes m'goats, all the World's gone helter-skelter.
Ooooooh, Orangutan, bonobo, chimpanzee and black rhino,
blue whale, elephants, tigers and lions, too.
Trophies on your wall, kill them all,
have some fun, have a blast and have a ball.
Oooooh, overwhelmed, underpaid and disrespected,
Putin stinks, Milwaukee sinks, Boehner sues the President.
You can laugh, you can cry,
you know 'The End,' we all gonna die.
Have a very good day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is This Tweeterville?

I picked up Elizabeth Warren's book, 'A Fighting Chance,' the other day and did not put it down until I was done. I like her. I really, really like her.

Yeah, I guess that's it.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Carrots and Sticks

"Good morning, Abigail. Do you mind if we birdtable for a bit- get our ducks all in a row?"


"Good. Now, are you in agreeance in regularly scheduled all hands meetings? This is when we choose an adhocracy and make sure we have all our aces in their places. Are you opposed to honing your craft in this environment?"


"Excellent. We do have a few rules I'd like to go over before we can consider you a candidate for this opening. Do you have any objections if we delve into your past history? We don't want to accept you into our fold and then have to decruit you. Any questions, Abigail?"


"I must be above board when I say there will be times when Miss Stacey may call you on the carpet, or break your crayons. Do not take it personally. We have to separate the multi-slackers from the taskers. There may be times we do a muppet shuffle. Some recruits are just acluistic when it comes to sharing. They usually end up with just Scooby snacks. We don't want any cowboys here, Abigail? May I call you, Abby?"


"Fair enough. Our daily syllabus is quite strict. We have no room for mouse potatoes or stress puppies. There will be times when we must go al desko. You may only have time for a stall nap. But, it will be worth it, Abigail. Now, one final question. Are you willing to share your cookie with your play date play mate?"


"Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Jones, you didn't make the grade. Try finding friends at a park or (Starts to gag) in your neighborhood. This meeting is adjourned."

Classified: Applicant, Abigail Jones, age:2, will not be accepted in the Smith/Hoity/Toity/ play date at this time.

*Business slang-

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday, Scrambled

Have lots of stuff floating around in my mind. Not exactly in a cohesive, or organized state of being.

Join me as we enter Thingy's thought process~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey, why not make Mexico our 51st state? That would be 51, right? Let's see, Alaska, Alabama...

Boobs Radley struck again! A neato vase and cool planter. Should I take those VHS tapes even though I don't have a player?

No way this tastes like butter.

Gosh, I feel sorry for kids who have extraordinary parents and try to emulate them. It's usually spawn fail, big time. Anybody make it bigger than their talented 'rents? Hmm... Frankie Jr.? No. Katie Hudson? I don't think so. Joe Hill? Ugh and a big NO! Sorry, Joe.

I really shouldn't shave my legs without lotion. Ouch.

23 Billion!!! OMG! Take some responsibility for your actions, people. Grrrrr.....

Real Wisconsin

Can this movie, 'Exposed,' be the stupidest movie ever? Nastassja Kinski a farm girl from Wisconsin? Hee-hee. Gahd, this is so bad.

I really should put my good stuff away when Finnado comes over. Sigh....

That bread pudding I made was pretty good. Gonna have some more.

Wonder if I can make pizza with Mac&cheese cheese?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's a Gas

Well, who am I to dispute science? Says right there, right there I tell ya! in the Happenings magazine, that the University of Exeter, in England (duh) says that sniffing gas, uh, the gas you pass, may be good for you. It may even protect you from certain cancers. Well, cancer is no laughing matter my friends. My bubbala died from the Big C.

However, gas is always funny. Unless you are standing behind a real gas bag.

Dr. Mark Wood, says passing small amounts of hydrogen sulfide can reverse mitochondrial damage. Good to know.

Let's be open to new things, folks.

And, let's open that window!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Wild (Mid)West


Tuesday 22


Chicago, USA. John Dillinger makes a date with Anna Sage to take her to the cinema. Big mistake, John. He is a bank-robber known as ‘Public Enemy Number 1’. Anna tells the FBI where the gangster will be, and they fill him full of bullets as he leaves the cinema. Poor Anna has lost a boyfriend – but gained a $10,000 reward so she’s not crying too much.
(From Horrible Histories)

Hearing the news lately, it would seem Chicago is still a wild and wacky gun-slinging town. According to Steve Chapman, however, crime is down. Way down. Yet. 78 shootings over the 4th of July holiday? 40 this past week-end. An innocent girl was killed when a stray bullet went into a house while victim was at a sleepover.

Men/boys/thugs, trying to kill other men/boys/thugs. Innocents get in the way. That is the Chicago of today. I have seen of few news conferences with CPD Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, who seems to shrug in defeat, stating nothing can be done until laws are changed.

Hadiya Pendleton, killed in January of 2013

What can be done? Really, I want to know. What is the solution?

I don't know if out-of-towners still think of Chi-town as the gangster city. It sure would be a sad legacy if that is the case.

*Hadiya Pendleton

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ohio and Boobs Radley

Here's the beef!

Happy to be home in Cheddarland. Traveled to Ohio for wedding. It was lovely but it made me feel ancient. So many youngin's. Visited Mom and Dad. They had nothing to say. Lovely, lovely time.

Dad's gnarly Cub's cap

I love this. Someone (woman) is leaving things on a antique dresser in one of the hallways in the building. I've gotten a free vacuum (so what if it smells a bit like rubber burning) an antenna, a book, some chotskies... Yeah, that's living. I call her Boobs Radley.
Um, what? The bastards who allegedly shot down a civilian plane are the ones who will be doing the investigating!? Lordy, lordy.
Oh, I'm so glad you spammers liked my Comcast post. Now, beat it.

 Mysterious Man has a post about his most popular post. Too funny. Here is mine thus far. Bloggity, bloggity, blog.